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So it’s all working out on her favor. Randy student gets a taste of Jessica’s delicious wet cunt and she encourages him for more. That’s right, she is teaching him anything else beyond books…

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Now see Jessica transform into a hot Asian tramp. A geek dude in blue comes in only to see her posed in such a way unimaginable for an office setting.

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Jessica and a pretty lady are in for a competition – not just an ordinary one but it’s more than that and it involves fighting over a cock. We shall see who is going to emerge as the winner.

Pick your contender, men. On the right is a sexy dark-haired slut and on the left is Jessica,of course. I’ll pick Jessica because she’s way dirtier than that girl and the dust on the floor combined.

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Jessica Bangkok and her team meet these guys and are negotiating for something fun and completely filthy. Whatever the agenda may be we are going to witness them in just a few.

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Jessica the temptress strikes again! This time she’s annoying the shit out of her dull office mate and she’s going to spice up things for him. Though reluctant, he agrees to her relentless coaxing.

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Super-horny office mate gets it deep inside Jessica’s horny Asian twat and is at loss for words. Serves her right for being naughty, and for having amazing pair of tits too.

Now they are having sex on the office desk and Jessica’s enjoying it. He is punishing her evil pussy for being such a ho! He’s also gonna prove to her that he isn’t as dull and uninteresting as she accused him to be.

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Jessica Bangkok is actually not from Thailand. Her father is from the Philippians and her mom is from Guam. She grew up in Northern California but has made over 100 adult films in the southern part of the state. She has said that she is trisexual. Urban definition of trisexual = someone who will try anything sexual. Her Dcup breasts are reported to be fake.

Jessica Bangkok Stats:
Home: Oakland, California
Birthday: December 19, 1980
Height: 5’0
Weight: 125 pounds
Official Site: